Farm & Community Rescue – Part of the 10 Towns Initiative

Just like the reality TV shows that fixes up houses, we recognised there was a need for such a service in the bush. Apart from fixing up homes which mainly includes minor works, our teams of volunteers fence, fix vehicles, air conditioning and heating and range of jobs that just get put off. Come and join our Farm Army volunteers on a Farm Rescue trip and help us change people’s lives.

What happens on a Farm Rescue?

Farm Rescues entail a group of volunteers and some tradespeople visiting remote and rural areas to help fix infrastructure that farmers do not have the skill, time or money to do themselves.

Jobs range from painting and fencing through to electrical, plumbing, construction, mechanical and gardening.

Farm Rescue trips usually consist of 8-10 skilled volunteers working on one or many properties or a community project for up to a week.

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Kyabram Farm & Community Rescue

Our first project for the year and combined helping farmers and community groups in the region. Rural towns are also struggling with the drought and are an integral part of the rural landscape. We now will be including these communities in a more holistic approach to helping these communities.

We worked on 4 farms and 9 community projects. We fixed fences, repaired and service farm equipment, welded, roof repairs and guttering and did lots of gardening on the farms.

In Kyabram, we worked on painting the town hall, helping the ladies at the croquet club with much need maintenance on their club rooms. At the Fauna Park we painted, repaired and tied up and built a viewing platform for the local historical Society. Read More…

Thank you

Thank you for the fantastic outcomes you achieved in just one week in the town of Kyabram. The positive comments are still flowing and smiling faces abound.

The many community groups you assisted have extra spring in their steps and are all planning ongoing projects. The schools who received the musical instruments and experienced the Army Band performances are still on a high. What a lovely idea to have the band play at the Kyabram Club on the Monday evening so that all the volunteers and additional Kyabram community members could experience such a fun, professional performance. There is talk in the community as to how we can tempt them back!

The individual farmers you assisted with hay drops and on farm work was such a bonus in these very difficult times. I had no idea of the extent and variety of support the town would receive and the breadth of skill and fantastic commitment of the volunteers who travelled to our town.

Finally, a special thanks for considering Kyabram a town worthy of assistance and for the countless hours organising and coordinating the project from far distant Queensland and then the long road trip down. Your enthusiasm and professionalism is very much appreciated and commended.

Kyabram-Deakin Ward Councillor


  • Miles, July 2019

  • Trundle, June 2019

  • Murrurundi, May 2019

  • Kyabram & Killawarra, March 2019

  • Taroom, August 2018

  • Barcaldine, July 2018

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Our Farmers in drought areas of QLD and NSW are in desperate need of support.

The Farmer Feedback is...

Rural Aid did a Farm Rescue at Pillage. A group of volunteers fixed the one of the farmer's house. Farmers were very happy with how Rural Aid helped them.